Cool Math Cooking Games. Newport Pig Cooking.

Cool Math Cooking Games

cool math cooking games

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  • In Welsh mythology, Math fab Mathonwy, also called Math ap Mathonwy (Math, son of Mathonwy) was a king of Gwynedd who needed to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin unless he was at war, or he would die. The story of Math is the fourth book of The Four Branches of the Mabinogi.

  • mathematics: a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement

  • MATH is an American Improv/experimental band formed in Woodstock, New York in the mid 90s. The band's shifting personnel has included members of various other bands, most notably Billy Riker and Joey Eppard of 3 and Dave Bodie of Time of Orchids and Kayo Dot.

  • Mathematics

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged.

A flickr friend "one under the sun" see number 16

16 things… this must be better than therapy… I hate introspection… but it looks like I like … three little dots… now is that three things…. I think not.

1.I tend to ramble, when I talk or write… it is like an association game… generally I dislike games… but it is fun to win… oh I ramble.

2. I am retired after working for 30 years and one day… which I loved until the last two years… hence my present condition.

3.I love to cook… hence my present condition… cause I also like to eat my cooking… and so does my wife … friends… ooops.

4.I have also been known to enjoy a beer if scots or Irish… a whisky if Irish… even red wine if American.

5.I prefer bottled water to tap… if you lived in Atlanta you would understand… I prefer sparkling to still water… hmmm seem to be fixated on food.

6.My priority in life is to find a way to slow down time… it is not right that as you get older time speeds up… even if you just sit and do nothing, which I tried, it still just speeds by… so you might as well keep moving.

7.I love the a good film… fine dinning, plays, live music… picnics, friends… just a few at a time… family can be a pain but I tolerate… but to tell you the truth I would rather be with my wife sitting on the couch watching TV and holding hands.

8.I get a real kick outta my dogs… they have replaced my son as someone I have to take care of… he is on his own… has his own mind… and we go through spells… right now we are good… he is thirty years younger…so… let’s see, I hate math… oh he is 33.

9.I have got to keep this short or I will have a novel instead of a list.

10.I guess I should say something about photography… I wish I knew my style… it changes like my taste in music. I am working a lot with flowers and doing a more documentation type thingy, many of the photos will be used for signage.

11.I enjoy my new persoanl photo(above), it reflects in some small way many of the folks I follow on flickr… not really but I like to think so, more artsy kinda stuff, oh I mean photography.

12.Flickr offers a great range of photographers… I can say all that I see offer something to me… put in the inspiration category.

13.I love a rut… deeper the better… it organizes my day… however my goal is to get out of ruts… it takes long legs… change, variety, differences, all help… look I used commas.

14.I volunteer a lot now and find myself very busy… moreso if I can say than when I worked for a living… don’t tell anyone… my vol efforts include the botanical garden, aquarium, and history center.

15.Are you still reading this? … look a question mark.

16.Wow, it is over, let’s see one more thing… I wish I could figure out how to respond to folks on flicr but using that little insert thing with their icon… and use hyperlinks… and all those cool things. Maybe someday. Remember work hard but don’t forget to have fun.

Sometimes I think that I don't know that much - But math sucks!~

Sometimes I think that I don't know that much - But math sucks!~

~Jimmy Buffett

Math sucks (quack quack)
Math sucks (quack quack)
You don't even have to spell it, all you have to do is yell it!
Math sucks (math sucks)
Math sucks (math sucks)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But math sucks!

Best lyrik I've ever heard! :D hahah

cool math cooking games

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